New EPC rating in France: what changes on July 1st, 2021?

The new energy performances certificates named DPE in France (for “Diagnostic de Performance Energétique”) will enter into force July 1st, 2021. Based on a unique calculation method and a more readable design, its objective is to eliminate energy-intensive housing, those with F and G bands.

The value of a property should finally depend more on its EPC rating.

A few days before its entry into force, STONE&WOOD presents the 5 key points of this new energy performance certificate:

1. EPC legally opposable

From July 1st, 2021, the new EPC will be legally opposable. Until now, this certificate was mandatory, but only had an informative value. 

Blank EPCs will no longer be authorized. 

2. A more reliable calculation method

The calculation method “per invoice” is abandoned for lack of reliability. The new EPC will be based on a unified calculation method for all housing types, elaborated on the physical characteristics of the building (insulation quality, heating system, type of windows, etc.).

Lightning and ventilation system will also be taken into account for the calculation. Heating, cooling and hot water production were already included.

3. A combination of 2 factors: energy and climate

The energy efficiency band, from A to G (A being the most efficient) will be determined according to 2 factors: primary energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG)

The rating will be done on this “double threshold”. The worse of the 2 scores (energy or GHG) will define the final result.
With this new method, it has been estimated that around 40% of homes will see a change in their energy efficiency band.

4. A new design for greater clarity
In order to gain transparency, the new EPC will be easier to understand. The cover page will display a summary of the most important information, as well as details of the energy band (energy consumption) and the climate band (GHG).
The amount of the energy bill of the house or the apartment will be estimated, and presented in the form of a price range, making it simpler to understand.

Alongside the current energy efficiency rating of the house is a ‘potential rating’, which indicates how efficient the house could be if the suggested improvements are installed.

From July 1st, 2021, those 3 elements (energy and climate band, energy bill estimation) should appear in the property advertisement.

5. Validity and applicable rules
Once issued, the new EPC will be valid for 10 years. Regarding the older version, their period of validity will be shortened in order to limit the coexistence of the 2 methods, which are difficult to compare. The old EPCs should gradually disappear by January 1, 2025.

Even if the old version remains valid, we invite you to make a new EPC for your sales and rentals. Indeed, notaries will certainly require the EPC with the latest standards.

Furthermore, for any energy performances certificates carried out from July 1, 2021, it is essential to ensure that the diagnostician has been trained in the new calculation method and is certified.

For further information or advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

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