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The Pinel Act is a fiscal measure applicable to all the French taxpayers. It consists in helping private individuals wishing to invest in the new build, with an income tax reduction over a minimum period.
Its breathtaking landscapes and stunning natural heritage, skiing, hiking,… owning a vacation home in the mountains is a dream for many of us. Leaseback property offers a practical solution to benefits from a rental investment, while having the opportunity to enjoy the accommodation for a few weeks a year.
A few days before its entry into force, STONE&WOOD presents the 5 key points of this new energy performance certificate.
You have found your dream home ? Mr. Bruno KOVAC, mortgage advisor for YMANCI in Annecy, gives some advice to finance your real estate project.
With its international and financial activities and its positioning in sectors with high added value, Geneva is at the center of one of the wealthiest regions in the world.
Stimulated by low interest rates, demand for mortgage loans is not weakening despite the health crisis. However, to benefit from it, it is now necessary to respect strict conditions. Following the recommendations of the HCSF (French High Council for Financial Stability), the granting conditions have been tightened since the end of 2019 and each file is now being examined with great attention.
For the sale of a property, using the services of a real estate agency is common today, but it is less when it comes for the purchase.
In the case of real estate gains, the tax is paid at the final act (official sale). It is the notary who is responsible for drawing up the declaration to be lodged with mortgage preservation and paying the tax on behalf of the seller. The capital gain is calculated on the difference between the sale price and the purchase price of the property. La plus-value est calculée sur la différence entre le prix de vente et le prix d’acquisition du bien.
Diagnostics have to be done in France for the sale of real estate. If one of these 8 documents did not appear in the technical diagnostic file for the preliminary contract, the seller could not be exempt from the guarantee of hidden defects which would attach to it and would be responsible for the consequences towards the purchaser.
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