Garden, balcony, terrace: the luxury of having an outside space

Garden, balcony, terrace: the luxury of having an outside space

Whether it’s to enjoy the sun, have lunch with family or friends, relax or work, having a few square meters of green space is enough to improve our quality of life. And after the period of lockdown our needs for green space and calm seem more important than ever before.

Our lifestyles change and this is especially apparent in the real estate sector with the increasing demands for property with an outside space.

This desire for a better living environment leads future buyers to move away from urban centers for greener settings. As for the city center, apartments with a terrace or balcony are real luxury. Properties such as penthouses flats or townhouses are highly sought-after and can be sold at very high prices.

While the interior of a house can be renovated, owning an exterior is priceless and adds value to the home.

Outdoor living rooms

Despite our growing desire for green, the gardens are smaller than before (higher population density in suburban areas, cost of land, reduction in space to limit maintenance). But if the exteriors are smaller, an increase in time is devoted to balconies and gardens that become outdoor living rooms. Optimizing our outside space contributes to gain a few square meters of living area.

As a result of this enthusiasm, the market for garden products is expanding fast. New concepts are developing such as “garden staging” to optimize your garden with a view to a sale.

Space of freedom and conviviality much appreciated by families, young or older couples, a garden, a terrace, a courtyard or even a well-kept balcony can be the trigger when buying real estate.

Making your outside space a major asset

In order to take full advantage of your exterior and make it one of the major assets of your home, it could be interesting to make use of the services of a landscaper. This latter will know how to exploit its potential and enhance the existing.

In this sense, we met Arnaud Charvin and Valentin Pollani from Charvin Paysagiste and the Pépinière Charvin in Saint-Jorioz on the shores of Lake Annecy whose quality work and philosophy made us want to know more. They give us some advice:

“The garden is organized around dedicated areas: dining terrace, aperitif / relaxation area, solarium, … to be determined according to your needs. The existence or the future installation of a water point such as swimming pool, spa … will also guide the development of the land (standards and legal distances to be respected). To meet a need for privacy, plants will always be favored over fences and other concealment solutions. Therefore, it is important to offer mature trees in our nursery.

The garden must be in harmony with the spirit of the site, and for this, natural materials such as stone and wood are honored.

This sober and timeless base is embellished by selected vegetation which allows the garden to evolve with the seasons through scents, foliage and flowering colors.

2 to 3 years will be necessary for the garden to take full shape. Additional improvements can be done in a second step.

And if you want to bring the final touch, a new decoration within your outdoor space, our garden furniture evolves according to the trends and allows you to rethink, complete your spaces as well as fulfill your desires for change always in sober and elegant notes. “

Requirement and simplicity

CHARVIN Paysagiste

La pépinière CHARVIN

04 50 68 67 63
Chemin de la Mine – 74410 ST-JORIOZ

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