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Interview with Agnieszka Owsiany

Raw materials, soft and organic forms. The art of Agnieszka Owsiany is perfectly mastered.
Based in Poland, Agnieszka Owsiany, artist and architect, creates universes imbued with softness, elegance and timelessness. She designs textiles of rare delicacy, where the lines, curves and colors recall nature and gives a feeling of calm and serenity.
At STONE&WOOD, we love this artist and we are delighted to present you Agnieszka Owsiany through this interview she agreed to give us in which she describes her inspirations and home.

Can you present yourself in a few words?

“As a trained architect I’m running a multidisciplinary practice in Poznań, Poland since 2018. While still working in the field of architecture I’ve discovered this traditional technique of making rugs with hooking needle and after months of self-teaching and experimenting with materials I’ve developed my own way of using this tool to create diverse textile objects. 

My mind is deeply rooted in nature hence I create soft, organic forms that are intended to soothe one looking at them, same as surrounding with nature does. Lately I’ve been exploring boundaries between textile and sculpture which has resulted in a series of textile reliefs playing around different surfaces and shadows. 

With mentioned appreciation for nature I work with true, unprocessed materials that are entirely sourced locally, from small manufactures and producers.”

How would you describe your style as an artist and architect?

“I focus a lot on materials, especially with my textiles. Visually my language consist of neutral tones and soft forms. I like to use materials as colors, I think it makes my designs better connected with nature as I don’t try to interfere in it,  but rather expose its beauty.”

What are your inspirations and motivations?

“I often look back to previous times in design when there was way more appreciation for quality and craft. Objects created in pre-fast-everything era meant to be long lasting both in terms of materials and design.

I look a lot on works of sculptors and ceramist from XX century, I really admire the combination of raw materials and simple yet so outstanding forms, both ahead of their times and timeless.

I can see a great movement in the creative world, so many artists and designers working individually, creating with their own hands, experimenting with materials and techniques, so many bold concepts. Seeing this is something really motivating to be a part of this process.”  

What does “home” mean to you? How would you describe the interiors of your home? 

“Home is my safe place and this can be interpreted in so many ways. On one hand it’s my sacred private space where I can close myself and not connect with the rest of the world if I need to; on the other – it’s a place I like to see vivid, with my friends, their kids and dogs, cooking and eating all together.

As for the interior, I would describe myself as a minimalistic collector. I get vintage pieces, shop on flea markets, most of our furniture and objects are preloved or bought when travelling but they’re more carefully chosen single objects rather than gathered piles of collected pieces.

I think my surroundings are based on the same principles as my art is, I appreciate natural materials and the patina they get with time. I want every piece to be precious, not necessarily in the monetary value but to have a history behind it.”

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