Investment in mountain areas – leaseback property

Investment in mountain areas – leaseback property

Its breathtaking landscapes and stunning natural heritage, skiing, hiking, … owning a vacation home in the mountains is a dream for many of us.

Leaseback property offers a practical solution to benefit from a rental investment, while having the opportunity to enjoy the accommodation for a few weeks a year. Mountain resorts are one of the most favorable destinations for this type of investment.


What is a leaseback property?

A leaseback property offers fully equipped and furnished accommodation for rent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis (maximum of 90 days). It also provides a full range of services to optimize holidaymaker’s comfort such as reception desk, laundry, catering, pool, wellness center (depending on the tourist residence).

The newly built properties are moving upmarket and offer the very best of comfort and services close to the hotel industry. It meets all the new expectations of mountain tourism, which is no longer solely focused on skiing.


Investing in a leaseback property

You own 100% of your property and can occupy it a few weeks per year. For the rest of the time, your apartment or house is managed by a professional operator which takes care of it and carry out the renting. You receive a secure fixed rent for the duration of the leasing period (for 9 to 12 years).


  • Owning a property in an attractive area
  • Advantageous taxation with the LMNP status (non-professional renters of furnished property) and the ability to recover VAT
  • Opportunity to enjoy your property and the residence’s services for several weeks a year (swimming pool, hot tub, wellness area, etc.).
  • Rental management and maintenance provided by a professional
  • Receiving a rent whether the property is let or not

To guarantee a profitable investment, special precautions must be taken to avoid disappointments. It is thus essential to choose a leaseback property operated by a trusted, qualified, and recognized company with strong references in mountain areas and financial strength.

A high-quality property in a good location is the key success factor for your investment project. It is important to choose a dynamic and attractive resort in all seasons, with a good tourism potential (good ski area, various activities, accessibility, etc.). The tourist residence must also be ideally located near the ski slopes, shops, and services.

The accommodation needs to be comfortable and spacious, with great amenities and services within the building (swimming pool, sauna, ski room, etc.). The property will obviously be more expensive, but its long-term value will be maximized.

Finally, it is important to carefully check the commercial lease and be aware of the additional costs, the rules of rent-setting and the conditions of the lease renewal.  


Your real estate project

STONE&WOOD provides leaseback properties which have been selected for their high-quality services and comfort, their beautiful situation in attractive and dynamic mountain areas.

To make a profitable investment and give your project every chance of success, our team can assist you at every step of your real estate buying and find the very best solutions for you. Please feel to contact us.

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