Off-market home listing

Off-Market Home Listing

Key information
  • An off-market listing also called a “pocket” listing, is a property that hasn’t been officially marketed to the public and is shared with only a few selected clients
  • Applies to between 5% and 10% of properties for sale in France.
  • Includes luxury properties, but also more traditional houses and flats, commercial properties and even lands.
Advantages and Disadvantages for the vendors
  • Preserving privacy. An off-market listing is a perfect solution if you’re concerned about people knowing where you live or if you don’t want to generate unwanted attention.
  • Creating a sense of exclusivity that could result in a higher selling price.
  • Limits access to information to serious buyers
  • Gives more freedom to negotiate the terms of the sale.

The cons of selling off-market is the risk of not reaching the best sale price. Typically, higher amounts of buyer interest in a property means greater competition and a potentially higher sale price.

Furthermore, it would take more time when selling off-market. Off-market sales are all about attracting the right buyer, and in the case where it takes a while to find the right person, a property is obviously going to take longer to sell.

… and for the buyers
  • Buyers of off-market property have access to a much wider choice of properties. This might include unusual or unique properties that rarely come up for sale.
  • It also means there is less (or even no) competition from other buyers. If you are buying in a particularly hot market, pocket listings may be the only way to purchase a home.
Your real estate project with SW

At STONE&WOOD, our team will support you throughout the purchase or the sale of an off-market home listing.

For vendors, we develop a marketing strategy for each property, and the off-market may be the right solution.

As for buyers, the ideal way to access this secret market is to sign a search mandate to take advantage of all the properties for sale, both off and on the public market.

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