Are you looking to buy a property in the immediate vicinity of Switzerland?

To the east of Geneva, Pays de Gex is the most vibrant border area: in terms of housing but also due to the Franco-Swiss business zones. Of course, the presence of CERN and international organisations attracts residents from all over the world.

The Pays de Gex real estate market is the most active in the communes of Ferney-Voltaire, Prévessin-Moens, Saint-Genis Pouilly, Gex or Cessy. Divonne also offers high-end residences and luxury properties.

Farms and traditional buildings as well as prestigious properties dot the countryside of the Pays de Gex.


1 980 000 €


1 900 000 €

1 680 000 €


1 640 000 €

1 480 000 €


1 180 000 €

The Pays de Gex, bordering the Canton of Geneva, offers vast stretches of nature at the foot of the Jura mountains.

The airport is quickly accessible. A terminal of the Geneva public transport system is often close by. The proximity of Lausanne is another factor worth considering.

Acquiring a prestigious property is not a matter of chance. Consult us to entrust us with your criteria and a buyer’s mandate.

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