Mauritius Island

Mauritius Island

With its beautiful palm-fringed beaches and lagoons, its cultural diversity and gastronomy, this island in the Indian Ocean is a real little paradise.


  1. What to expect ?

Mauritius, known officially as the Republic of Mauritius, is an island country located in the Indian Ocean, part of the Mascarene Islands, about 500 miles east of Madagascar. It is volcanic in origin with lagoons, sandy beaches and coral reefs surrounding most of the country. The island covers an area of 1865 sqm with 330 km of coastline.

Model of political and economic stability, the country is equipped with modern infrastructure, quality schools and has a good healthcare system, including an excellent network of private clinics. Although English is the official language, it is mostly spoken in government administration and business. Creole is the most widely spoken language throughout the country, then French, to a lesser extent.


  1. Lifestyle

Mauritius offers a quality lifestyle combining nature and comfort, modernity, and tradition.

The country is known as a plural society where the ancestral cultures have been preserved. It is a cultural, economic, and gastronomic crossroads, as reflected in its cuisine, a mixture of Indian, African, Chinese, Creole, and French influence.

The island is one of the leading destinations in the world while referring to the large variety of the activities it offers in comparison to its size.

Indeed, its lovely nature and varied landscapes allow the practice of a wide range of outdoor activities (hiking, cycling, kayaking, etc.). The conditions are particularly ideal for scuba diving and kite surfing. Its crystal-clear water offers a surprising fauna of small fish and dolphins. As for kite surfing, there are some of the most beautiful spots in the world for all levels and all tastes.

The island is also a popular golf destination where major international competitions are organized.


  1. What you will love

With its picture postcard landscapes between white sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons, the hospitality of its inhabitants, its cultural and gastronomic diversity, Mauritius is the promise of idyllic stays.

The island has also beautiful National Parks as well as UNESCO World Heritage sites, witnesses of its cultural richness.

With only 3 hours ahead of UK time and a fairly uniform temperature throughout the year, Mauritius is a dream destination, safe and particularly pleasant. A real paradise.


  1. The real estate market

From the studio apartment in a smart city to the villa situated in a private domain, the real estate market offers many opportunities to live, rent or resell.

The Property Development Scheme (PDS) is the investment pattern the most used by foreigners to acquire real estate. Created by the Mauritian government in 2015, this system regulates property acquisitions made by foreign nationals.

Therefore, property purchase must be made in specific areas. It mainly concerns private resorts with many services for their residents such as concierge service, house and garden maintenance, swimming pool, wellness area, etc.

Inherited from the Napoleon Code, the Mauritian legal system is close to French law. The legal documents are written in French, and you must go before a notary to finalize a real estate transaction. Notary fees amount to 1.5% of the total price of the acquisition, to which must be added 5% registration fees.

Renting is also relatively easy in Mauritius. Its mild climate all year round and the absence of seasonal rentals restrictions are true assets allowing you to rent your accommodation for several months a year and make your investment profitable.

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